04-10-2007, 09:46 AM. That kit would likely work but the speedometer would be useless to you. Personally, I'd do a search online for gauges and then purchase just the ones you need individually. I replaced my old VDO's with a new style VDO (red lit up pointers) on my tristar. Think I purchased them through egauges.com. Feb 17, 2007. 6034 posts. 2241 upvotes. Mort Réal. Yeah just like Craftman at Sears (which I actually prefer over CT) if the tools clearly has the Mastercraft name and part number, no receipt should be needed. They probably won't replace the tool itself, just the "head" mechanism part. MasterCraft Seat Skins. In 1968 the birth of the world-winning ski boat known as MasterCraft was born in Tennessee, United States. MasterCraft became a manufacturer of luxury high-performance boats that became popular and a recognized brand in waterskiing and wakeboarding. Today, MasterCraft is sold in over 25 different countries by over 100.

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